Your copywriter

I was born in Antwerp, and grew up with a love of writing in my heart. My name is Magali, but writing is my identity. I’m excited and enthusiastic about helping you – your brand, your magazine, your startup – tell your story to the world!

Ever since I was little, I knew that writing was the passion I wanted to share with the world. When I won a writing contest at age 8, my dream was born, and everything I’ve worked for since then has drawn inspiration from the spark that lit that day. I’ve had challenges, but hard work overcame them! And now I’m here, having had the opportunity, even already, to work with so many great clients and partners!

My commitment is to great writing, and great engagement – with clients and with audiences! Writing shouldn’t be stuffy and distant. People want to know who you are up close! Everyone has a compelling story to tell the world. Let’s write it!

My alphabet

Attention to detail
Bold creativity
Catchy phrasing
Energetic every day
Fantastic copy
Gregarious and Bubbly
Humorous approach
Intuitive technique
Journalistic Integrity
Knows the market
Launching brands
Marketing First
New Media
Optimism Everyday!
Perfect collaboration
Questions answered
Reliable delivery
Social Specialist
Transforming language
Undeniable excitement
Vitality & Confidence
Write the story
X-actly your style
Younger Audiences
Zippy marketing