Copywriting & Storytelling

People know good writing when they see it. It’s smoother, better, more natural. The meaning follows the style clearly and elegantly. Whether it’s general copywriting, journalism, or for brand-new startups, I love delivering great writing to great clients. No matter if it’s Dutch, French and especially in English, I am passionate about storytelling for you and your brand. Let’s join my commitment and passion to your needs, and tell the world a story they won’t forget!

Social Media

Getting real about your social media presence means more than just Facebook likes or posts on Instagram. That’s amateur hour. But doing it right needs time, skill and experience! I’m doing it every day, and know the ins and outs. If you want to talk about planning and executing an effective social media strategy, I’m here to talk to you, whenever you want! The results will speak for themselves, in engagement and experience. I’m here to help you solve your Social Media situation! Want to know more? Send me an email!

Copywriting Tips/Workshops

Sometimes, the student becomes the master! But it’s one thing just to say those words, and another to do something with them! I can make it happen! Is your company just getting started with copywriting, marketing and social media and needs some pointers? I can come to your company and develop a fun, engaging, hands-on workshop for your whole team. In less than half a day, we’ll cover all the little tips and tricks to make your writing and marketing really pop. Want a little preview? Just check out my blog for a little taste!

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